My job is communications, but I haven’t communicated of and for myself in quite a while (apart from the random Insta post every now and then). How come?

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.     

Mark Twain

This is a firm belief of mine and I’ve probably spent most of my life trying to act accordingly. Combine that with an overconsciousness about appearances and not wanting to make oneself vulnerable and – voila – communication breakdown.

So, the big question is: Do I have anything to say? Sure, everybody has, right? But so many others have already expressed their opinion, already shared their insights, already summed up their expriences – about topics in my professional field as well as about stuff I’m interested in in general.

There’s tons of information already out there. That leads to the question if I can add anything of value to that? The obvious answer is: absolutely, you can add your own voice! Now here’s the thing: While I’d like to put myself out there more, I’ve spoken of and for others for so many years by now, that I’m not even sure anymore what my own voice sounds like.

When I think back I find that writing used to be my way of expressing myself – a creative, relieving outlet of feelings, ideas, thoughts, be it in the form of poetry or a blog post. That being said, I will try to tap into that current (by now, more of a brooklet) again to articulate some of the things that bustle in my brain on this website and maybe find my voice along the way.

There is nothing more meaningful than being true to yourself and finding your own voice. 

Jane Fulton Alt

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