Hi, it’s me, Alexandra. If you’re looking for Archontophoenix alexandrae, I unfortunately have to disappoint you: while I do like plants, I am a human being.

To be more specific: I am a 40-something living in Munich, loving spouse and dog-mom (currently on hiatus), working as marketing and communications manager for an indie games publisher.

Apart from topics that I deal with for professional reasons (and, oftentimes, also because I just find them intriguing in general) like branding, social media and online communications, or event management, I’ve recently found my love for yoga and taken an interest in self-care and the many things that fall into the realm of “living a good life”. I like being outside, taking walks in the lovely Bavarian countryside and mountains, as much as extensive shopping sprees or snuggling up in our apartment, which is decorated with both plastic Super Mario figurines as well as poetry books. Of course, video games also play (haha) a big part in my life.

While I know that to be (considered) successful, a blog has to be thouroughly search engine optimized, sport landing-pages that act as conversion machines, a newsletter and free goodies to get subscribers, lists and “10 tools that will help you become the most prosperous person on earth” posts for content marketing etc.pp., this blog is not about that. For now, I just wanted a space to collect my personal ramblings and explore thoughts that cross my mind. These might be tied to my work, but also about random events or topics that concern me at the moment. So: don’t expect your usual “how to succeed in XYZ” post here!