Hey there, I’m Alexandra – not to be confused with the plant Archontophoenix alexandrae, but a proud member of the human species who shares a love for greenery, navigating life in Munich.

In my professional journey, I’ve delved into marketing and communications for over a decade, specializing as a brand manager in the media industry. My expertise covers branding, social media, online communications, and event management. With a talent for research, analytical thinking, and effective communication, I’m a versatile problem-solver, skilled at shaping ideas into practical concepts.

My path began with a fascination for imaginary worlds, leading me to study literature. After working in book publishing and online media for a while, I stepped into a realm where my passion for stories and immersive media converged, and video games re-entered my life. I’ve since managed several successful game launches on the marketing and communications side, curated influencer collaborations, designed websites, and crafted engaging trailers together with talented people and teams from various backgrounds. My hands-on mentality and adaptable skills have enabled me to thrive in these diverse roles.

Beyond titles and responsibilities, I am an independent, self-motivated individual who values reliability, fairness, and respect for all living beings. My thirst for learning fuels both my professional growth and personal endeavors.

Outside the professional sphere, I love exploring the Bavarian countryside, trying my hands at drawing and painting, dedicating time to yoga and self-care, taking photos, or simply immersing myself in the world of an exciting game, a captivating movie or an intriguing book.

While my blog might not conform to conventional success formulas, it’s a space where I gather personal reflections, a space where musings matter more than metrics.